Kyle Reese Send Off

Pretty much since the attack of the machines on us this past April 11th, 2011, we’ve been struggling to fight back and keep from being entirely overtaken. As of now, we are still dealing with the effects of the fallout, but we are starting to make plans for the future. Historical records indicate that in 2029, Kyle Reese will be sent back to protect John Connor in his childhood so the machines don’t go back and **** him. So in planning for this future event, we are starting on the construction of an organic material Time Machine. This should allow only John Connor to go back, and not those infernal machines. Anywho, we’ll have a big party before we send Kyle off cause it’ll probably be the last time we see him. Invite any people you know who are still alive (dogs will be checking for terminator models at the door) and we’ll have a grand old time =)