Hug your husband/wife for the last time before you die <3

Could it be? You said…you loved me? Unbelievable! Unsustainable! Uncontainable! The words slip out seamlessly like silkworms… could I hold them in the atmosphere a moment longer? Clutching my hand at the wind, and they are gone… Oh say my name, in so many ways, repeat them, till I cannot breathe because I kept my ears on just to hear your voice. Maybe Vincent van Gogh was wiser. Oh- Cast my eyes to the sea! What is this swelling here, in my heart on the shore? A storm? Look at the height of the waves! Could it be, my gravity? Claiming to be my moon, without you I would be up-side-down. The most frightening thing is…I tremble you may be right. Our bodies should not yearn so with so many stars watching… For I know Galileo Galilei was wiser. Somewhere in history, an apple was bitten before it ever fell. But whether it was before my heart’s presence I can never tell. For memory is ancient, but my love is a midnight pasture… Ride with me on bare-back horses in the moonlight Because I am bearing myself to you, my gravity because without you, I would surely spin out of orbit! Yes, Isaac Newton was much wiser. | Contact | Privacy | Terms