Zackfest: Benefit Show

All proceeds go towards the Zack Noureddine Foundation (), for the loss of our brother. Without further ado, Waylon & The Indie Scene Presents: ZACKFEST Featuring… I CALL THIS SAFETY (REUNION – FIRST SHOW IN 6 YEARS) THE ADDING MACHINE (ADDWOLF & E.ON) WE WERE SHARKS (Panic State Records) RYDELL SPARROWS (Toronto, New Damage Records) MAYFIELD HALFSLEEPER OLD RULES BEARINGS SAFEKEEPING REMEMBER THE ARCADIANS THE SUPERLATIVE MISSIONER FOREST. SWIM TEAM KYLE MEYERS ABBOTT & MAIN (first show) MARITIME BLEACH SOUTHPAW BETH MAYNE October 15th, 2016 Stittsville Legion 1481 Stittsville Main St. Adv. tickets: $15 Door tickets: $20 ** BUSSING INFO ** 96 Stittsville via Terry Fox STITTSVILLE MAIN / MANCHESTER 2 Stages / Merchandise / Food truck / Bar We love and miss you Zack. This one’s for you brother.