24. February 2018 - 17:00 till 23:55

Underworld LARP Ralinwood Presents: Bizarre Bazaar, Canada, Saturday, 24. February 2018


Though the temperatures fluctuate, dipping below and rising above freezing, wagons begin to appear on the roads. Few in number they may be, nonetheless the merchants begin venturing back to Ralinwood, stuffed to the gills and whiskers with goods they are eager to unload and offload. Not a one arrives alone - they travel in large groups, or are accompanied by large, brutish, wiry, or sharp-eyed people, most carrying more weapons than a person has a right to know to use.

As they encounter new people, the merchants chatter incessantly, talking too quickly, boasting too grandly, defending the quality of their products too harshly. Word are too sharp and too biting; a sarcastic tone all too quick where there should be a joking one.

The brutes keep to themselves as they first arrive; sharp eyes watching shadowy areas, dark patches, as if expecting things to pop into existence. They stare as if it willing the battle to happen already, to be over with it. Some stare vacantly into deep cups in their hands, muscles tensed, and start at the crash of a dropped lantern. They grab for their sword, their axes, to hand before they see the clumsy stable hand. The roads were bad, they answer, tersely, passing her by, sword still clutched to hand.

But as the hours pass, eye becomes less intense clenched muscles settle; words become slower, wit replaces biting words, and more joking - ah, real humour! Colourful and sharp it may be, but at long last, genuine. Merchants pull out a few wares to compare, and start to swap stories, sometimes and goods, getting back to regular business after too long afield.

As the next group and the next group pile in, the air buzzes less with the terse words of those too long on a too dangerous road, and instead is filled with the swell of noise that comes from the growing confidence of true safety, safety at long last.

The day grows late. People retire. More people arrive, merchants and brutes, carrying lanterns against the evening light. Sharp words and sharper eyes take in the docks, the crowds, the lights, and calm all the faster. They retire. It grows nearly dark. A few more people arrive. The ritual of arrival repeats itself. They too, retire. Darkness descends, but the most recent to to retire assure those awake that more will arrive.

And so they do. And more shall yet.

The boarding houses and stables around the Docks fill and fill and fill.

Welcome to our second tavern night of the 2018 year!

Prelog is NOW OPEN:

Event Times:

Saturday February 24th

5pm – Doors open for Logistics
6pm – Announcements, game begins
11pm – Game is called, cleanup begins
12:00am midnight – Rooms must be vacated


$35 without prelog
$30 with prelog
Season Pass Holders: Must Prelog!

Pre-pay: ivanna@underworldralinwood.ca

Blankets offered: 1

Location: London Legion Hall, 311 Oakland Ave, London ON.


None required. We will be taking on event NPCs! Please contact ralinwoodshapers@gmail.com to be added to our event NPC list.




Special Items / Templates Obtained While Traveling
If you’ve gotten an item that is magical, a ritual put on you, brought back a ritual scroll, an artifice blueprint or a chemistry blueprint, or the product of any legendary crafting, you need to get it approved by Ralinwood’s plot before it can function in Ralinwood.

Email finn3570@gmail.com and CC logistics@underworldralinwood.ca to get these items approved


NEW PLAYER at Underworld? Never LARPed before?
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Email your questions, concerns and character concepts to our New Player Liaisions!
Email: npl@underworldralinwood.ca
Or visit our website:


Questions about your character? Email logistics@underworldralinwood.ca

Questions about the game itself? Email contact@underworldralinwood.ca

Saturday, 24. February 2018, Canada, Underworld LARP Ralinwood Presents: Bizarre Bazaar

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