TONIGHT: Vancouver Bike Rave 2016

There will be a Vancouver Bike Rave 2016 April 1ST 8:00pm Woodland Park 705 Woodland Drive Eastvan Bring music and your bikes. We believe in keeping the renegade and loose organizational aspect of this terrific event by doing this grassroots style in the community along with the support of you. As you will be the one that will make this happen, by letting it grow organically. We set the time and place. You bring the party. Yeah. Note: We are not at all connect to the organizers of the past bike raves. We are, however, disapointed on Bike Rave 2015 not happening. We invite all to come and have fun and celebrate bikes, raving and fun. See ya all there. Also, this is not an April fools joke. | Contact | Privacy | Terms