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'This is War' Multi-Cosplayer CMV, Vancouver, Tuesday, 01. January 2019

The song intended to be used for this video is ‘This is War’ by 30 Seconds to Mars. The video concept is extremely simple and easy to execute.

The video will be similar in design to the ‘Dirty Little Secret’ video by the All-American Rejects, if anybody has seen that video. Instead of confessions, however, each individual will be holding a sign with an assigned section of lyrics from the song. As well, I will do my best to make sure that each section of lyrics compliments the cosplayer holding them up. (Or, more accurately, the character they are portraying.) I’m not an expert on every anime, however, so feel free to communicate your ideas to me, of course! :)

You may cosplay any character from any anime you wish for the video. Be sure to take into consideration the relevance of that character to the song, though. Characters from any less-serious series will make less sense, obviously.

Each cosplayer will be credited at the end of the video for their participation, as well.

So, share this with all your cosplaying friends, and let’s make something great together. :)


-What do I do?

Here is the simplified list;
1) Pick a section of lyrics.
2) Make a legible sign on whatever you have available, and write the part of the lyrics that you have chosen.
3) Put on your cosplay.
4) Record yourself holding the sign for at least a minute. Feel free to move however you wish, as long as the sign remains visible.
5) Upload your portion to youtube as a UNLISTED video and send me the URL.
6) That’s it, you’re done! After I receive your clip, I will put the clips together and edit the video. :)

7?) EXTRA CREDIT; okay, not really. But extra screen-time, yes! There are some extra clips I will need for editing during the various instrumentals. Look in the section below the lyrics if you're interested.

On selecting your section of lyrics; The parts of the lyrics available will be listed in the information. Please try to pick a section that is relevant to your character. Also, I do want to make sure there is plenty of variation in the video, so let’s also try to make sure we don’t allow any one series or the same character to overrun the song or any specific part of the song. Also, the lyrics available to be chosen will be first come, first serve.


Current Cut-Off date: AUGUST 31.
Two more cut-off dates will follow this one. Only after missing three dates will any person be removed from the project.

-What happens after everything is finished?

I will put the clips together to create a multi-cosplayer CMV and upload it to my youtube channel. All cosplayers will be credited in the video, and links to all Yts/DAs/Tumblrs will be in the description. Nobody will be left out. :)

-Lyrics; As people claim sections of the lyrics, their names will be added next to the section they selected in the following format.

Lyric - [Cosplayer/Series/Character][Recording received?]

[1]"This [reserved/FMA/Riza Hawkeye][]
[2]is not [Xotri/LoZ/Shadow Link][]
[3]a video [][]
[4]about [reserved/Hetalia/Scotland][]
[5]WAR. [Zena/Ergo-Proxy/Re-L][]
[6]This is [Aikohana/Gundam Seed/Lacus Clyne][]
[7]a video [AgentCND08/Hetalia/Seychelles][]
[8]about []
[9]PEACE." [Valeada/Hetalia/Chibitalia][]

[10]A warning to the people [SasukeAvenged/FMA/Roy Mustang][]
[11]The good [IrisGirl/Sailor Moon/Sailor Neptune][X]
[12]and the evil [reserved][]
[13]This. [ShenaeGuzzardi(Kyoukatsu)/Garrus/Mass Effect][]
[14]Is. [MelGuzzardi(Kyoukatsu)/Thane/Mass Effect][]
[15]War. [SamDuffus/Shepard/Mass Effect][]

[16]To the soldier, [Valeada/Hetalia/England][]
[17]the civilian [Kyuu/InuXBoku/Kotomura Chino][x]
[18]The martyr [BanishedOne/Naruto/Itachi Uchiha][]
[19] the victim [Fuzzball/Pokemon/Banette][]
[20]This. [DanielCostello/Jeff 'Joker' Moreau/Mass Effect][]
[21]Is. [MattFioretti/Kaidan/Mass Effect][]
[22]War. [ScottEllenby/Shepard/Mass Effect][]

[23]It's the moment of truth [AnimeTwin/Kingdom Hearts/Ventus][]
[24]and the moment to lie [/Soul Eater/Eruka Frog][]
[25]The moment to live [SasukeAvenged/Kuroshitsuji/Sebastien M.][]
[26]and the moment to die [grey-bow-baby/Bro Strider/Homestuck][X]
[27]The moment to fight, [JellyfishTamer/Roxas/356/2 days][]
[28]the moment to fight, [Lupinine-Reiji/KHR/Belphegor][x]
[29]to fight,[KH/Axel][]
[30]to fight, [Xotri/LoZ/Shadow Link][]
[31]to fight[Renobec[DA]/Naruto/Hidan]

[32]To the right, [reserved/P&S/Scanty][]
[33]to the left [reserved/P&S/Kneesocks][]
[34]We will fight to the death [/Deadpool/TheManlycosplayer][]
[35]To the Edge of the Earth [AgentCND08/Hetalia/Russia][]
[36]It's a brave new world from the last to the first [reserved/Tales of Symphonia/Genis Sage][]

[37]To the right,[reserved/Hikaru][]
[38]to the left [reserved/Kaoru][]
[39]We will fight to the death [SasukeAvenged/Naruto/Sasuke][]
[40]To the Edge of the Earth [FMA/Lust][]
[41]It's a brave new world, [Eixu/Kuroshitsuji/Drocell Cainz][]
[42]It's a brave new world.[For-the-fail/FFXIII/Hope Estheim][]

[43]A warning [Sabishii/Portal/Chell][]
[44]to the prophet [/reserved/Touhou/Flandre Scarlet][]
[45]To the liar, [Lupinine-Reiji/DRRR!/Izaya][x]
[46]the honest [SmallestFox/Code Geass/Suzaku K.][]

[47]This. [][]
[48] is. [SmallestFox/Hetalia/Norway][]
[49]war. [Xotri/Hetalia/][]

[50]To the leader, [Aikohana/KP/Kim Possible][]
[51]the pariah, [SnowWitchSalem/Castiel/Supernatural][]
[52]the victor, [SmallestFox/Kuroshitsuji/Ciel][x]
[53]the Messiah [Sev/Hellsing/Heinkel Wolf][]

[54]This. [][]
[55]Is. [SmallestFox/Hetalia/Norway][]
[56]War. [Zena/Ergo-Proxy/ Re-L][]

[57]It's the moment of truth [JellyfishTamer/Hetalia/Sweden and Finland][]
[58]and the moment to lie [Hannibellelikespork/The Avengers/Loki][]
[59]The moment to live [Saki Wong/reserved][]
[60]and the moment to die [SukiTan/ / Len Kagamine][]
[61]The moment to fight, [deathgod34/DRRR!/Shizuo][]
[62]the moment to fight, [BanishedOne/Nabari no Ou/Yoite][]
[63]to fight,[Stary/Kuroshitsuji/Sebastian][x]
[64]to fight, [Deadpool/TheManlycosplayer][]
[65]to fight [Urcha-Von-Leonard/Hetalia/ Belarus][]

[66]To the right, [reserved/Hetalia/America][]
[67]to the left [""^][]
[68]We will fight to the death [^""][]
[69]To the Edge of the Earth [No.6/Nezumi][]
[70]It's a brave new world [FangedFireBreather/hetalia/PunkEngland][x]
[71]from the last to the first [reserved/pokemon/lolitaEspeon][]

[72]To the right,to the left [/SE/DeaththeKid][]
[73]We will fight to the death [Urcha-Von-Leonard/Brave/Merida][]
[74]To the Edge of the Earth [reserved][]
[75]It's a brave new world, [IrisGirl/Homestuck/Vriska][X]
[76]It's a brave new world, [ Man/Allen Walker][]
[77]It's a brave new world [Zince Ube/Cardfight!!Vanguard/Aichi Sendou][]

[78] I [SasukeAvenged/ Man/Yu Kanda][]
[79 ]do [reserved/Homestuck/Sollux][]
[80] believe [reserved/Sailor Moon/Luna][]
[81] in the [reserved/Naruto/Kankuro][]
[82] light. [xGreenling/Homestuck/grimdark Rose Lalonde][]
[83] Raise
[84] your
[85] hands [Yukari Miyane/InuXBoku/Nobara Yukinokouji (Kimono ver)][x]
[86] into the sky [Eixu/OuranHSHC/Honey][]
[87] The
[88] fight [BanishedOne/NabariNoOu/Yoite][]
[89] is done. [reserved/Hetalia/Denmark][]
[90] The
[91] war [Aikohana/Rurouni Kenshin/Battousai][]
[92] is won [Kaamen/HP/Harry Potter][]
[93] Lift
[94] your
[95] hands
[96] toward
[97] the
[98] sun [BanishedOne/Naruto/Itachi][]
[-]Toward the sun, [----]
[-]toward the sun, [----]
[-]toward the sun [----]
[99]The war is won [TheFailStorm/Code Geass/Lelouch][]

[100]To the right,[TheFailStorm/Neptune and Uranus/ **][]
[101]to the left [JellyfishTamer/Neptune and Uranus/**][]
[102]We will fight to the death [capriciousarachnid/Homestuck/Terezi][]
[103] To the Edge of the Earth [Failure-at-Failing/NANA/Nana Osaki][]
[104] It's a brave new world [TheCookiesranaway/Homestuck/Karkat Vantas][]
[105] from the last to the first [Homestuck/Feferi Peixies][]

[106]To the right, [][]
[107]to the left[][]
[108]We will fight to the death [Lauren/Dragon Age/Anders][]
[109]To the Edge of the Earth [TheSmallestFox/Code Geass/Suzaku K.][]
[110]It's a brave new world, [VERA/VK/Shiki Senri][X]
[111]It's a brave new world, [Aikohana/Gundam Seed/Lacus Clyne][X]
[112]It's a brave new world [Sabishii/Slender/Playable Character][]

[113]A brave
[118]is won, [reserved/Hetalia/Denmark][]
[119]the war is won, [Kaamen/HP/Harry Potter][]
[120]a brave new world [SasukeAvenged/FF/Lightning][]


0:33 - 0:45 ; Various clips of cosplayers NOT holding signs. Posing clips from various set angles, or moving clips
1:45 - 1:57 ; Various clips of cosplayers NOT holding signs. Posing clips from various set angles, or moving clips
3:00 - 3:12 ; Various clips of cosplayers NOT holding signs. Posing clips from various set angles, or moving clips
3:36 - 3:56; Clips of cosplayers DROPPING their signs and raising their hands 'toward the sun'.
5:06 - 5:27 [The end] ; Clips of cosplayers either happy, in celebration that the 'war is won', though they can be bittersweet, with characters that are defeated but at peace and relieved that the fighting is over. Get creative. :) (If you can't see this applying to your character, then don't worry about doing it. I'll understand.)

Tuesday, 01. January 2019, Vancouver, 'This is War' Multi-Cosplayer CMV

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